Centaline SG will hold their first virtual Singapore property exhibition on Zoom

In recent months, the trend of Hong Kong people buying overseas properties has increased. Singapore, Asia's financial hub, has reopened its economic activities after the closure. The property market has stopped falling and rebounded in recent months. In July, the transaction volume of  second-hand housing has doubled to 978, and property prices have risen steadily by 0.1 %. There are more than one hundred new launch transaction each month.

David Hui, General Manager of Centaline (Singpaore) Property, said that the distance between Hong Kong and Singapore are not too far apart. Before the pandemic, some overseas investors who are keen on Singapore properties would visit Singapore before making their purchase. The number of buyers remained weak and fell sharply by 50% year-on-year. Though the pandemic remained stable for nearly half a year, the borders of various countries have not yet been lifted. Purchase decisions are largely affected as customers are not able to travel to Singapore for viewing. David Hui also said that Singapore has rebounded strongly in recent months and developers have set reasonable prices. "Whether for investment or self-use buyers, foreign customers should seize the current opportunity to secure a home," added David Hui.
Centaline (Singapore) Property will hold their first virtual Singapore property exhibition in collaboration with several Singapore property developers from 21 to 30 August 2020. For ten consecutive days, they will provide customers from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China with deeper insights and understanding on real estate investment through online sharing sessions. They have invited special guests, Mr. Addy Wong, Chairman and CEO of Centaline Property APAC, and Ms. Mimi Chu, a veteran HK actress, to share their real estate investment experience. In addition, professional lawyer will explain the legal knowledge and tips on sales and leasing; the latest Singapore immigration policies and information on pursuing further studies in Singapore. Centaline Property also provides instant 1-to-1 online sales services during the event.
More info on: www.singaporepropertyexpo.com
About Centaline (Singapore) Property Agency
Centaline (SG) Property Agency provides cross-border consultancy and agency services for overseas and local properties through Singapore office. As Centaline has built up an extensive network in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore, Centaline Singapore acts as a bridge between vendors, purchasers, landlords, and tenants across these places.
About Centaline Property Agency
Centaline Property Group is one of Hong Kong's largest property agencies. With over 60,000 employees and 2,600 offices across China, Hong Kong, and Macau, the company is also one of the largest real estate agencies in the region. The organization positions itself as Asia's one-stop property services company, offering services, including real estate valuaton, property market research, asset management, and mortgage brokerage. In recent years, Centaline Property Group has expanded to Taipei and Singapore markets, and is gradually expanding in other Chinese-speaking continents in the world.