Centaline Property Group’s Journey to its Legendary 40 Years

  Centaline Property Group’s Journey to its Legendary 40 Years 

To celebrate its 40th Anniversary, the organization passes on its baton in China, Hong Kong and making its last stop in Singapore. 

21 August 2018, Singapore – Hong Kong’s top of mind real estate organization, Centaline Property Agency was founded in Hong Kong in 1978. To commemorate its 40th year of establishment and hard work, branches in the Asia-Pacific region have come together to ignite Centaline’s fire and keep the spirit burning by passing on the 40th Anniversary baton from one city to another, counting down the number of stop till the baton finally reaches Singapore. This action strongly signifies the importance of company spirit in the organization and how the organization unites together across the region.

Over 40 years, Centaline Property has made its mark across the Asia Pacific Region and expanded its business arms in China, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore. Centaline Property has always pursued a “To govern by doing nothing that goes against nature” mind set, encouraging employees to manage their work without any restrictions and gain a greater sense of accomplishment from there. Says Mr. Shi Yong Qing, Centaline Property’s Chairman and founder: “We hope that the tradition of Centaline will be passed on to the next generation by providing a platform for them, allowing them to find their value and excel in personal development.”

Says Mr. David Hui, Centaline Property Group and Centaline (S) Property Agency's General Manager: “The branches across the Asia Pacific region have been established for 8 years. After years of development, we focus on providing quality services to our clients, including buying, selling and leasing etc., while providing a diversified platform for our agents to build a stronger network. Through Centaline’s clients’ database, agents can seamlessly connect with Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau and other platforms by participating in roadshows, seminars etc. We also have high hopes that the agents can develop and grow together with the organization." 


About Centaline (Singapore) Property Agency

Centaline (SG) Property Agency provides cross-border consultancy and agency services for overseas and local properties through Singapore office. As Centaline has built up an extensive network in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore, Centaline Singapore acts as a bridge between vendors, purchasers, landlords, and tenants across these places.

About Centaline Property Agency

Centaline Property Group is one of Hong Kong's largest property agencies. With over 60,000 employees and 2,600 offices across China, Hong Kong, and Macau, the company is also one of the largest real estate agencies in the region. The organization positions itself as Asia's one-stop property services company, offering services, including real estate valuaton, property market research, asset management, and mortgage brokerage. In recent years, Centaline Property Group has expanded to Taipei and Singapore markets, and is gradually expanding in other Chinese-speaking continents in the world.